Hello, meet me, it's the new me

I've just taken down my biggest enemy 

Whom for years thought was my homie 

Not quite sure where I'm supposed to be

In this game of truth, I'm still a newbie

Some might think it's just a new hobby

But this ain't about a book you read in a lobby

Or some project you polish on Adobe

Sometimes the new me

Scares the hell out of me

Now fully aware of my possibilities 

I realize that it's my sole responsibility

To make the dream come true

But to reach new heights, I gotta push through 

There was never a new me, 

my soul was just "endormie"

Instead I looked for anomalies 

Fell for "Jen, you know normally..."

My brain slowed down, like high on morphine

But Thank God it's back, full of endorphin

Old me, new me life is a bliss

When life is mean, I blow a  kiss